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The evolving story of a hopeful skeptic.

The Blog

Alright, you’ve read a couple of my posts, you may have read about me, but what about the blog itself? What is it for? Why am I passionate about it? You can see the subtitle of my blog “The true story of a hopeful skeptic.” I think that is a fair and accurate assessment of who I am and what this blog means to me. If there is a question to be asked, I want to find the answer. But I’m not just any skeptic; I consider myself a hopeful skeptic. A skeptic who, yes, often questions the standard authority, but also one who is hopeful that he, through practicing debate and discussion, can inch his way closer to truth. I want this blog to encourage others to ask questions, seek answers, and fight for what they believe.

Often times the blog has a clear and straightforward opinion (generally—and hopefully—from an informed perspective). Other times, I merely express an idea or concept and simply ask a question without agenda or bias. In either case, I hope that you, the awesome reader, will feel free to join me in discussion of the topic in question. I love when people agree with me (who doesn’t?), but the truth is I also love it when people disagree with me (with evidence to back them up). I love debate—at least, debate of the civilized persuasion. So give it a read, and give it your voice. This blog is a collaboration between all of us, and it certainly wouldn’t exist without you.

May we enjoy an exciting journey together!


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